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Budget: $ 00000
The Finances
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Total generated: $0
Already Transfered: $
Transfer Funds

Stuff to buy

cost: $50
cost: $100
cost: $0
cost: $500
Shoes (+1km/s)
Distance Traveled
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Dollar Generation: ($1 per investor)

Progress towards Checkpoint Paris


value: $

The Goal

Get your little man back to his home
that is the distant world of cgtopia.

How does it work?

Become the owner of blogposts by planting your flag and buy stuff that will help your little man to get there as fast as possible!

Why do this?

Just so you can have some extra fun while visiting and because everybody who get's there is in for a big surprise
(still... determining what
it will be but it's going to be awesome! )

Saving Your Progress

You can store your progress on our server. Use your email to identify yourself.

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Loading Your Progress

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Your Finances : Flags & Ownership of Blogpost

In your finances you get an overview of all the money that was collected by your flags.

By planting your flag below a cgtopia-post you become one of the 'owners' of that article and are rewarded according to the popularity of that page.

Every person that visits the page leaves 1$ for the owners. So this means that if you are one of the owners you get 1$ for each person that visits the page.

Buying extra investors, speed and other perks

With your budget you can buy extra investors, these investors sponsor your little man while he walks. Everytime the center budget-generation fills up you get the promissed dollars from your investors.

You can also buy more speed for this process to go faster

Buying Coins & Finding Treasures

You can also buy extra coins that your walker can pickup as a bonus on each page. Next to this we've hidden several treasures all over the web on secret pages for you to find.

Contact Us

Fantastische suggesties?

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Mail ons dan zeker eens! - suggestie@cgtopia.eu

Advertising en Sponsoring

Bent u geÔnteresseerd in advertising op cgtopia of wil u hierover extra informatie?
Senne Gorris helpt je hier graag mee verder - senne@cgtopia.eu.

Technisch, feedback, suggesties?

Heeft u iets gezien dat we kunnen verbeteren of iets dat niet naar behoren werkt?
Dan mag u dat steeds melden aan Ruben Ooms - ruben@cgtopia.eu.
Wij zullen uw ongemak zo snel mogelijk proberen te verhelpen.

Overige info/input

Is er nog iets dat niet echt in de bovenste categoriŽn paste,
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